Why You Should Pick A Home-stay Over A Hotel For Your Medical Visit

  • Skyla
  • October 03, 2022
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Hyderabad has off-late witnessed an influx of travelers visiting the city for medical care. A rapid transformation of the medical industry within the country, coupled with the development of the city are some of the many factors that led to the wider prospects. Providing world-class medical care at just a fraction of what it costs in developed countries makes Hyderabad the most-likely destination for patients to set ashore. While cost is one of the determinants behind someone’s mind when undergoing treatment; the steadfast growth in medical technology and the rapid progress being made towards pooling-in skilled professionnel marked Hyderabad on the map.

Gaining popularity, especially in the middle-eastern and the african countries; though healthcare is accessible at nearby countries, the cost and assurance often flew the patients from these countries to Hyderabad.

Noticing a sharp rise in the number of travellers visiting the City, hospitality brands have left no stone unturned to facilitate the best-in-class hotel services to accommodate these travelers, who often reserve rooms for long-stays. While safety & comfort take an upper hand – locality, kitchen amenities, flexibility, etc. deserve much more attention that what a normal hotel offers today.

While this has been the case with hotels, alternative accommodation such as Serviced Apartments have largely met the need along with customization. This brings us to draw a clear distinction between the advantages that a serviced apartment in Hyderabad has over budget or even luxury hotels:


It cannot be emphasized more on the budget-constraints medical tourists have during their visit to a new place. Understanding the fact that there are one or more people accompanying the patient during the journey, the value of a hotel brand lies in allowing a significant decrease in price with the increase in the number of guests.

This ratio is only possible at a serviced apartment since guests are allowed to book an entire home for a set price, and may not have to pay more if they were to use an extra room with the apartment. Also, since guests often may require to stay for a month or over, it further reduces the costs incurred when booked on a monthly-basis.


Besides the 24/7 service, Wi-fi, and uninterrupted power, serviced apartments gain an edge with additional facilities such as a fully-functional kitchen and other self-served utilities. Without having to spend too much or worry about what food to order and who will be taking care of the laundry; serviced apartments facilitate guests with a nominally stocked kitchen, cooking facility, laundry electricals, etc. To the guests surprise, the overall savings on such utilities can have them enjoy a decent lunch at a restaurant for a couple of days.

Adding to this, medical care requires attentive help that extends beyond room-service when the need arises. Since, hotels have stringent policies during such occurrences, serviced apartments make for a better option due to a friendly-staff that are at their guests service at hour of the day.


Customisation is key to differentiate what hotels sell and what serviced apartments offer. Keeping the interests of all guests in mind, serviced apartments are usually flexible with the check-in times, food preferences, on-demand requests, etc. While it is suggested to assume that there will always be a change in plan, especially when a person requires medical care, serviced apartments leave a room to fill-in gaps that may have been overlooked during initial planning of the trip.

In conclusion, serviced apartments have modelled their offerings in a way that best suits every traveller, while also keeping the scale of such trends in mind. To accommodate all demands that a traveler might have, home-stays/serviced apartments in Hyderabad stay well-ahead of the curve in catering a home-away-from-home experience to their guests.

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